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Descubre la fórmula perfecta de 7 pasos para vender tu servicio en las redes sociales y multiplicar tu esfuerzo e inversión.


Convert your Facebook profile into a FREE lead generator


Mapa para maximizar esfuerzos en Redes Sociales


i2 Message & branding: Ethical & Estrategic Persuasion


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i4 Sales Funnel / Follow-up: Humanize The Process


30 Minutes Coaching call wtith Jorge Cruz

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training with Jorge Cruz

Jorge A Cruz M — Founder & CEO.

Jorge Alberto Cruz is a passionate marketer with over 18 years of experience in traditional and digital marketing. Founder & owner of Marketing Innovations Group and Prospera consultant.

Jorge is an enthusiastic entrepreneur that is passionate about the marketing psychology. Focused on leveraging thousands of dollars & multiple years in education on helping other entrepreneurs reach their marketing goals.

Jorge has helped hundreds of local & international companies like The Orlando Magic, The NBA, Texaco, Gulf, Gatorade, multiple physician offices and other big companies achieve challenging projects.

For the last 5 years, Jorge has been focused on helping doctors and medical offices develop their reputation online and getting more patients following HIPAA guidelines.

Additionally, he has been speaking at seminars and coaching business owners innovate & squeeze the juice out of the Internet.

Jorge is a Hispanic leader and is very proud of being Puerto Rican. He lives focused on his wife, his four kids and marketing the word of his most important client/boss: GOD

What Our Students Have to Say

"Jorge te enseña, de forma práctica y sencilla, que la construcción de reputación online —a partir de los testimonios de clientes satisfechos— es una pieza fundamental para impulsar acciones online destinadas a la atracción de nuevos clientes."
Anyimar Cova
From Buenos Aires, Argentina
"Los conocimientos de Jorge en cuanto a marketing digital son muy extensos y creo que ha sabido condensar lo mas importante para darnos lo que el llama “Oro puro” De forma muy sencilla he logrado entender y crear campañas exitosas en internet que han llevado mis servicios a otro nivel!!"
Sergio Conti
From Orlando, FL, USA