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i7 Metrics: Measuring The Success

i7 Metrics: Measuring The Success What is not measured can not be optimized… After following the past 6 strategic steps, you truly want to know what was working and what wasn’t. The only way to measure your success, is taking advantage of the advanced resources of digital technology that will allow you to measure every …

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i6 Reputation: Become The Choice

i6 Formula: Become The Choice No reputation or bad reputation also = No business Today, our business is naked online. Anybody and everybody has in the hand the opportunity to boost or kill or business. Your reputation online is the most valuable asset you need to develop and pay more attention.

i1 Research: Strong Fundation

i1 Formula: Strong Fundation Without an evaluation or study of your market any time, any investment or any effort it’s at high risk to be wasted. Every successful company pay high attention to understand first the market in where it will be launching their product or service. The online world makes the finding of information …

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